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You just stack them like bricks


A Pilot Study examining the Strength, Compressibility and Serviceability of Rendered Straw Bale Walls for Two Storey Load Bearing Construction Faine and Zhang 2001P Popular

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Investigation of Environmental Impacts Strawbale Construction; Ann V Edminster, 1995 Popular


Originally published as Straw Bale Construction: Patterns for a Sustainable System, Master's thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1995

Living in a greenhouse, Straw Bale Building and the Greenhouse Effect, Rob Thorman, 2003 Popular


Presentation by Rob Tho0rman from the Australian Greenhouse Office at the International Straw Building Conference.

Sustainability More than just Straw Bales Ari Gore 2004 Popular


The question is, can we, as builders, architects, engineers and building officials, take an honest and open look at how we currently construct straw bale homes and truly find the methods and materials we use to be sustainable?