How to Upload to the Source

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It's easy!

  1. Make sure PDF's are correctly formatted with the full title. It helps to include the authors' name in the title for search purposes. If you are providing a link to a resource, make sure you have the entire URL ready to paste into the window.

  2. Enter the title in the form, then select a Category* that best fits it. Add a brief description in the window provided, including authors' name/s and a short summary, including keywords.

For PDF's

3. Make sure the Choose a File button is selected, then drag and drop from your desktop.

For URL's

3. Select the URL option and then paste the entire URL of your resource into the window provided.

4. Click Submit

Your file will be delivered to our loading bay, where we will take a quick look to ensure it is in the right category and publish it. We do not review content. Nor do we provide peer reviews.

If you find something particularly useful in the Source, please take the time to rate and review it. This is how we hope to ensure quality of our content.

A note about videos

If you wish to include a video in the Source, the best way to do this is to use YouTube, and then insert the link to it in the URL window when creating a file.

Terms and Disclaimers

When you register to upload content or make comments and ratings, you also agree to our terms, conditions, and disclaimers.

*Note: Multiple categories for a given document is not supported. The reasons have to do with the difficulty of providing different access levels to different categories. Adding keywords in the document description will make it searchable.